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Humane Aid

The African continent is one of the poorest and most distressed regions in the world. Therefore, humanitarian aid is important to improve the lives of people living in Africa.

Humanitarian aid can be provided in Africa in a variety of ways. For example, material assistance can be provided to meet basic needs such as food and clothing. In addition, financial or financial support may be provided to meet other needs such as health care, education and housing.

However, there are some points that need to be considered in order to provide humanitarian aid effectively. For example, it is important that humanitarian aid goes directly to the people and is delivered in accordance with their needs. In addition, humanitarian aid needs to be sustainable and enable people to lead their own lives.

As Par Sporting Club, we wanted to touch the lives of young people in Africa. We arrange dormitories for the shelter of the youth, donate materials, direct them to sports and provide trainings. We are working to enable African youth to lead their own lives.